Artist Birtday : 16/01/1976 (Age 43)
Born In : Lakki Marwat
Occupation(s) : Singer

Zarsanga born 1946 is a popular Pashtun singer from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. She is queen of the airwaves on Radio Peshawar

Zarsanga was born in 1946 in a small village of Lakki Marwat, NWFP, British India (now Pakistan). Her father was Zafar Mamakhel. She belongs to a nomadic tribe called Kutanree (Kutan). They travel between Pashto area from Punjab and Sindh. They don’t settle permanently in one place. Their main profession is singing. Their main traveling route is through Bannu Road from Dera Ismail Khan and up to Kohat and Peshawar. Some of them travel as far as Afghanistan and stay there in summer and return to the southern districts of Khyber Pashtunkhwa during the winter.